Count Down To The Hottest Game Of The Year Enemy Dawn

photo_11This years marks the 75thAnniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland on Sept 1, 1939. This event led to World War Two and is being commemorated with a new war game called Enemy Dawn. Enemy Dawn is expected to debut internationally in the Apple store for ipad and iphone on July 22, 2014. The game storyline is realistic as these events actually happen. As a soldier in the Polish Army, you must command a mobile rocket launcher to defend Poland against an onslaught of enemy weapons. You engage against panzer tanks, Ju-87 stuka aircraft streaking loudly across the sky, and enemy warships. Enemy Dawn is a nonstop action game that will fully immerse you in the war of good versus evil.  Enemy Dawn has five levels of exciting game play. In level four of the game you have you engagie in combat against the famous German Battleship Holstein which is believed to fire the first shots in the war.

Enemy Dawn is unique in that it’s a game with real history to it. Throughout the game, you receive messages from the Polish Prime Minister at the time Wladyslaw who sends battlefield messages. There is badge awards that promote you as you advance with points. Enemy Dawn is a 2D game with stunning graphics. The game was created by Simplus Technologies which had success with other apps such as turbcast. Simplus Technologies Group have outdone themselves  when it comes to the story and the graphics. The Enemy Dawn app game is poised to be the most popular game of 2014. We encourage you to checkout our trailer videos on YouTube at

What Is Errors and Omissions Liability?

Errors and Omissions liability is a policy that can be bought as an add-on to general business insurance cover, alternatively it can be bought on its own if required. It is this type of insurance that is usually bought to create protection for a business or a single person from claims or suits which can arise from services that weren’t correctly or fully fulfilled, alternatively it can cover mistakes and failures too. In the US, the commonest forms of these policies are the professional and malpractice insurance covers – this trend is very similar to most countries that do international business or have a strong group of consultants ready for hire.

The rationale of this insurance is to protect the business or an individual if and when financial harm is caused to a client because of a mistake or error on the part of the insurance policy owner. Errors and omissions liability will pay for court defence costs, as well as the settlements arising from court judgements. For those people, small businesses or even large corporations it can protect from frivolous lawsuits that can cost large amounts of money to defend against. In theory these sorts of insurance holders could potentially go into administration or bankrupt from these cases without the correct insurance.

Errors and omissions liability is needed by professionals or anyone who provides services to a client or customer for a fee -this can include professionals such as doctors, accountants, lawyers, dentists and others. The insurance coverage is needed for some less obvious businesses as well such as advertising companies, wedding planners and also publishers. Those people who are employed as consultants (both medical and business consultants) will need this insurance as an absolute certainty.

Businesses as well as individuals can get varying amounts of coverage for errors and omissions liability policies dependent on is required by the policy holder. The majority of policies that are issued to individuals and businesses also have a claims-made provision. This provision says that a policy only covers services that were done and actioned within the term of the policy. The policy will also only provide payments for claims that were made during the policy term as those outside of the term are invalid.

The ideal point in which to make sure you have errors and omissions liability covered is before the chance of issues or risk can occur. This would mean that it makes sense to purchase a policy before the business or consultant provides a service to clients and customers. A large proportion of businesses and corporations stipulate through their HR department that employees will require a form of full coverage to already be in place before contracting their services to potential clients.

Auto Loan: Why You Need to Contact an Auto Dealer?

Today, cars are no longer looked upon as a symbol of vanity rather they have become an essential factor of life. You might need a private vehicle to travel over a long distance every day, to go to your office or drop your kids to school. It might also be that the nearby local market is situated far off from your home and you have no other choice but to take a cab to reach the market almost every other day. All these problems lead to unnecessary wastage of your hard-earned money plus your time and energy. The only possible solution to end these problems is by purchasing a car of your choice.

Buying a four-wheeler is not a problem for well off people; however individuals who don’t have ready cash at hand to spend a lump sum amount on an asset can think of applying for an auto loan. These days, even people with no credit score can also apply for a car loan. A rising number of auto dealers are ready to approve any amount of money that is required to buy a model of your favorite brand – Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota or Hyundai, to name a few.

It is absolutely impossible to get an auto loan approved from a bank if you have a bad credit or no credit at all. Banks and credit unions play safe when it comes to lending money to an individual. Banks have their team of surveyors ready to find your current financial condition and whether you have sufficient amount of money in hand to re-pay the loan after the contract period ends. Such financial institutions refrain from taking any risks when sanctioning a loan.

However, in today’s world, a person with a bad credit can easily apply for a car loan as well as get it in hand quickly. Car dealerships are helping out people who are in a tight financial condition get cash to buy vehicles any day. In a sense, approaching a car dealer will be a smart act since you don’t have to run elsewhere looking for a loan approval. You should get in touch with a reputed dealer who has the car that you are willing to buy plus has lent facility.

Auto loans for bad credit usually get sanctioned in less time compared to the amount of time a bank takes in approving a car or a house loan. Besides, a dealer usually prepares the necessary papers without you being involved in the process. You will need to be present to sign the documents and get the keys of your favorite car model to drive home happily.

A car dealer usually charges a small rate of interest on the lending amount. Besides, there are quite a few dealers who completely waive off the down payment to be given at the time of buying a car. A small interest rate of course eases the burden on the borrower. He needs to pay less to buy a car on a loan.